Set of 6 plastic shepherd's mouth whistles. Made in the US. Due to health concerns, whistles may not be returned.

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whistles, set of six,a good product

j-sqauared on Dec 2nd 2019

These are inexpensive but work well. It's one of the things I misplace or lose far too often. These fit the bill!

Purchase of whistles for festival

Chris Thompson on Oct 9th 2019

Great service! I ordered the whistles with a request to receive them before our festival in 1 1/2 weeks, and they arrived in 3 DAYS! And as a bonus, the order included (10) free lanyards that I will be able to use to make the event even better. Thank you!

Whistles for Danyelle's Hope

Jim Hall on Jul 27th 2017

Recently we placed an order for the Set of 6 Plastic Mouth Whistles for my daughter to learn to use for her services dog puppy Danyelle's Hope, This is an ABCA Border Collie that is now 12 weeks old. We look forward to learning how to use the whistle and training Danyelle's Hope to do not only her service dog job, but becoming a well trained stockdog!

Plastic mouth whistle

Carol on Jul 26th 2017

Great inexpensive whistles to give to new herding students who want to learn to use a whistle. I order a supply every year to give to my students and also I also carry one or two in each of my vehicles just incase I forget to pack my own metal whistle.