This is the original Montana design that has returned after a number of requests. It is thinner than the Montana Lite whistle.

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Montana A whistle

James J Watkins on Jan 1st 2021

i like that this style of whistle is so easy to use . Plastics while nice to have don't compare.

Montana lite whistle

John Strohmaier on Dec 23rd 2019

Much easier to use than the plastic ones for the novice. I like the tone better than the plastic as well. Easy to learn with and like a Timex, they take a licking and keep on ticking.....lost it on the driveway, ran over it with a car by accident, found it and after a slight straightening out, works as good as new!

Montana "A" Whistle

Kate Campana on May 23rd 2018

I like this Whistle. I got it whistling with just a little practice. Sounds fierce.

Montana A Whistle

J Micke on Nov 27th 2017

It takes a little practice to get whistling. Good, strong and loud!!