Fiberglass training stick with heavy duty handle grip. The shaft is light grey in color so it is more resistant to UV and won't splitter as easily as a white fiberglass stick. 48 long with a pointed end so that you can stick it into the ground.  Weighs 8 ounces."

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Very pleased

Very happy with our training stick. I've only gotten involved in stockdog training, and have held off buying a training stick until I was sure what I wanted. I didn't want to waste money on one stick only to find another better one. I asked our trainer to take a look at this one, she said this one was very good. I've only used it twice, and am very happy so far. I haven't seen anything nicer at any competitions, I am sure this is the training stick for me.

Doesn't Disappoint

Everything you want in a stick-good grip, right weight & length.