Carol Price is back to pick up where she left off with “Collie Psychology” in which explained the nature of Border Collies to people. “Secrets of the working mind” is the First Book in the three distinct book series. Book One covers the evolution of the Border Collie from predator to the more autistic mental traits that have evolved as a direct result in their selection and ability to work livestock. Key founding dogs that have shaped today’s Border Collie are studied to provide understanding of psychological traits and sensory issues that the breed will inherit. The autistic mind of the Border Collie and sixth senses are discussed along with working personalities and behavior. Understanding ‘Mental overheating’ and how it affects their behavior will help you keep your dog in mental balance.


A review by Roy Goutté

They say that you can’t tell a book by its cover, but one look at Carol Price’s latest masterpiece, Border Collies: A Breed Apart, defies that saying, because you know with her, that whatever that cover says, is what you are going to get!

The first of three books - ‘Secrets of the Working Mind’ is beautifully presented and gives us all a chance to once again take a huge leap forward in understanding the unique mind of this world famous and renowned breed further.

It takes time – plenty of it – to study a subject as complex as the working of a dog's mind, to a degree that makes writing a book about it so fascinating. But also easily readable by lovers of the breed and in fact, lovers of all canine breeds. Carol Price has achieved this in no uncertain manner and is to be congratulated.

Being a breeder, author, researcher, trainer and handler of Border Collies myself, I read Secrets of the Working Mind very carefully as I was expecting to find things I didn’t agree with, but I was wrong – I didn’t! Carol hasn’t missed a single thing – in fact in many ways she has surpassed it all and I congratulate her once again.

Ten chapters lead the reader from the ‘The Beginning’, where the forming and development of the breed is covered, and the famous dogs of old that have led us directly to what we see today through carefully constructed breeding programmes, through to its Working Instinct; Behaviour; Sixth Senses and how to Control and Manage such a driven dog and much, much more.

Summing up – yet another ‘must have’ publication for your bookshelf from an author that reigns supreme in this area. Carol Price’s knowledge reaches parts never reached before and the Border Collie enthusiast is so fortunate to have such a person on their side! 

Roy Goutté




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Secrets of the Working Mind

Jacqueline Jones on Jan 22nd 2018

Great book! I look forward to the rest of the trilogy. I wish that I had had this in hand when I first encountered BC's - I learned the hard way with 4 of them!

Great book!

Kathy on Dec 30th 2017

Fascinating, well-written and easy-to-read book is really helping me to better understand my working Border Collie. Can't wait for the next books to be released!