The Shepherd's Pup by Derek Scrimgeour

Volumes 1 & 2 included!

The Shepherd's Pup Training the sheepdog puppy 'The Scrimgeour Way'

In this program Derek Scrimgeour, sheep farmer and one of the UK's premier sheepdog handlers and trainers, discusses with Gus Dermody choosing and training a young dog for farm work using his highly acclaimed method of sheepdog training.

Beginning with what to look for when choosing a pup from a litter, Derek covers 7 key steps of training that start in the kennel and end with a well trained, confident and enthusiastic young sheepdog.

Areas covered in the program include:

* Selecting and rearing the pup

* Basic early learning and groundwork

* Gaining confidence

* Introducing the commands

* Extending the puppy's experience

Throughout Derek places great emphasis on harnessing the sheepdog's natural abilities and instincts. The success of his methods have made Derek an international name and he runs training clinics from his Cumberland farm in the UK as well as throughout Europe and America.

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