30 Years of One Man and his Dog - BBC

Ben Fogle and Gus Dermody introduce the best of 30 years of One Man and his Dog, from the very first episode presented by Phil Drabble to the current day. Looking back over the many years of sheep dog trialling, Gus chooses his top rounds showcasing the skills and level of communication between man and dog required to control a flock of sheep.

The second film features the competition held at Chatsworh, pitting the best handlers and dogs against one another in the form of three teams: England, Scotland and Ireland. The Heats consist of three rounds: the singles Course, the Driving Round with 25 sheep and a Timed Cross and Pen. But which teams will make it to the Finals?

2 DVD Set - ONLY Plays on US computers unless you have a DVD play for the PAL format. 189 minutes

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