Heavy oiled ring in center leather dog collar with heavy duty hardware - 1 wide. The ring in center style collar rolls over which helps keep your dog from becoming entrangled in fences or brush. Engraved brass plate (illustrated on collar) or tag included in the price of the collar.� One to four lines of personal information. The more lines - the smaller the print. Choose Engraving or Imprinting for personalizing your tag. Engraving allows for 4 lines. Imprinted allows for 3 lines with the lettering impressed deeper in the tag than the engraving - lasts longer on very activate dogs than engraving.Available in 18" & 20: lengths. Add 3-4" to your dogs neck measurement for the correct collar size. Only available in brown leather."

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Leather Ring-in-Center Collar

Kelli Friede on Aug 20th 2018

Love the quality and the affordability!

Dog collar with ring

Fletcher Barker on Nov 8th 2017

Truly satisfied! Great product for the price. Recommend products to anyone! Check here first!