Border Collie Psychology - Inside the Border Collie mind.

Athletic and agile, the Border Collie excels in his original role as working sheepdog, but his remarkable brain also makes him an outstanding performer in all canine sports. Highly intelligent, strongly motivated, and with a work ethic second to none, this is a dog that will win honors in obedience, agility, working trials and flyball. However, his virtue - being clever, quick-thinking, responsive and driven- can also be his downfall. The collie not only needs to work, he needs an owner prepared to understand him.

In this remarkable book, Border Collie expert Carol Price, who has spent a lifetime working with the breed, gives a new insight into how the collie thinks, how he reacts, and how to fine-tune his marvelous mind. If you want to compete with your dog or if you simply want to bring out the best in him as a companion, Collie Psychology - the most comprehensive book ever published on the breed - will become your bible.

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