About Us

aboutus-hope.gifIt is said that necessity is the mother of invention. When I decided that I needed a Border Collie to gather and work my sheep instead of using a feed bucket and a lariat, life took a turn. The border collie then developed a need for a whistle -- my natural whistle was pretty pathetic (only carried 50 feet). Glyn Jones gave me an aluminum shepherd's whistle with instructions that I'd better know how to use it by the next time I saw him. Needless to say after a year of trying to blow something besides spit, plus not grimace at the terrible taste of aluminum, I realized that I was a dysfunctional whistler.

To make a long nightmare short, I couldn't find an easy to blow whistle, so I developed the Montana Lite longneck stainless steel whistle. The happy ending to the nightmare is that I can whistle and my dogs even respond to the whistle! Now you know how Wild West Dog Products evolved into manufacturing two stainless steel and one brass whistle. Wild West Dog Products is the world's largest manufacturer of stainless steel shepherd whistles.

I still run sheep on my Montana ranch with cousins tending the flock while I reside on my husband's cow-calf ranch in Wyoming. In addition, I maintain a flock of sheep for training in Wyoming. So between the sheep, cattle, stockdog training, trialing, manufacturing and running Border Collies in Action, I keep off the streets.

Any suggestions and/or ideas for items that you like to see Border Collies in Action carry please contact us at (307) 856-7601 or send us an email.

Hope Dennis, owner of Border Collies in Action